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…a artistic floral bouquet inspired by zen design. With a modern sculpture design, this floral bouquet is created with purple orchids, mini bamboo and green carnations will improve a home's feng shui. Includes: Purple Dendrobium Orchids Green Carnations Hypericum Bamboo-like Equisetum Zen Inspired
SRP  $49.99
Treat her like the queen she is by sending her this living testament to your affection! This elegant purple orchid plant is perfect for any setting and can easily be sent to a home or office! Care of this delicate plant is easy! Just place in a bright room out of direct sunlight and away from…
SRP  $42.99
…of this delicate plant is easy! Just place in a bright room out of direct sunlight and away from drafts. Temperatures should remain above 65 degrees Fahrenheit. To water, simply place one ice cube per orchid in the pot once a week! Includes: • 6-10 Inch Orchid Plant • 4 Inch Diameter Pot
SRP  $54.99
These exquisite orchids are reminiscent of a country summertime twilight, with the pale pink blooms fading to a dark purple as night sets in. This is the perfect gift to let your recipient know that you're thinking about them! Care of this delicate plant is easy! Just place in a bright room out of…
SRP  $101.99
Send fresh purple orchids to brighten anyone's day! This modern orchid plant proudly displays purple hues that bring vibrancy and life to any room or office space. The Posh Purple Orchid is guaranteed to arrive fresh to you recipient's doorstep! Simply water once a week with two ice cubes (or 3…
SRP  $49.99
…green orchids and blades of lily grass combine in this captivating presentation of exotic beauty. These blooms are set in a classic milk jar vase adorned with a purple satin ribbon for the ultimate contrast. Arrangement measures approximately 27"H x 29"W x 32"D.Includes: Green Orchids Lily Grass…
SRP  $79.99
…and Peruvian lilies, lemon roses and plum dianthus blooms coalesce in a cherry red vase. Available for same day delivery, send the Apple Orchard Splendor to someone who's ready to take a bite out of autumn! Includes: Orange Lilies Yellow Roses Purple Dianthus Orange Alstroemeria Green Poms Red Vase
SRP  $44.99
…tropics! Feminine flowers in tropical pastels brighten her day - and her feng shui. She'll love the beautiful serenity and balanced, Zen-like feel of the lush pink and green blooms. Details: • Green Cymbidium OrchidsPurple Roses • Red Roses • Tulips • Glass Cylinder Vase
SRP  $122.99
…lilies, pink aster, heather, purple orchids, pink freesia, plumosa and hypericum with blades of lily grass and galax leaves. Presented in an Onyx Spirit Rectangle Bowl with a 3" x 9" Pillar. Measures approximately 17"H x 34"W x 14"D. Includes: Pink Lilies Purple Orchids Freesia & Heather Pillar…
SRP  $79.99
The deep purple blooms of this orchid plant and pure white container are sure to take your recipient to a tranquil space! This is the perfect gift to say anything from "I Love You" to "Happy Birthday" to "I'm Sorry". Care of this delicate plant is easy! Just place in a bright room out of direct…
SRP  $101.99
This double stemmed pink and purple orchid is the perfect gift to show Mom just how much you appreciate her this Mother's Day! This delicate plant comes in an adorable pink keepsake container with gold accents- the ideal pairing for a mother as special as yours!
SRP  $54.99
This elegant purple phalaenopsis orchid plant is the perfect gift for the office or home. Send this beautiful plant for any occasion and brighten someones day! Includes: Purple phalaenopsis Orchid Plant Moss Purple cylinder container
SRP  $69.99
This magnificent orchid plant is sure to brighten your recipient's day, no matter the occasion! This delightful gift is sure to make sad days happy, and happy days happier! Care of this delicate plant is easy! Just place in a bright room out of direct sunlight and away from drafts. Temperatures…
SRP  $59.99
…bouquet of orchids and roses will do the trick to impress your lady love who's into the finer things in life. Giving classic red roses is always a great choice, but adding in modern purple orchids with them in a colorful vase is a unique gift that she will adore. Includes: Purple Orchids Red Roses…
SRP  $59.99
Exotic orchids are specially combined with curly willow creating an exquisite display perfect for any setting. Stylish and sophisticated, these orchids are expertly arranged in a delightful woodchip planter. Arrangement measures 30"H x 15"W x 15"D. Includes: Purple Orchid Woodchip Planter
SRP  $94.99
…them this amazing single stem fuchsia phalaenopsis orchid plant potted in a clear cube and they will be absolutely floored. Orchid's are an elegant gift that last long past the special occasion so send this gift with confidence. Includes: • Purple Phalaenopsis Orchid • Glass Square Vase
SRP  $79.99
Vibrant purples stand out against stark whites on these beautifully dappled orchid blooms! This unique gift is perfect to express your love in a truly one of a kind way! Care of this delicate plant is easy! Just place in a bright room out of direct sunlight and away from drafts. Temperatures should…
SRP  $59.99
Send sunshine to the ones you love with this lovely purple orchid plant. Simply add one ice cube once a week and allow for indirect sunlight in any room and this plant will flourish. Includes: 4 Purple Orchids 10" (Length) Pot 18" to 30" Tall
SRP  $104.99
…Soap • Hawaiian Orchid Hand Lotion • Hawaiian Orchid Bubble Bath • Bath Sponge • Wild Orchid Body Spray • Hawaiian Orchid Bath Salts • Hawaiian Orchid Shower Gel • Hawaiian Orchid Body Lotion • Purple Thermal Spa Socks • Hawaiian Orchid Bath Fizz •…
SRP  $89.99
Pamper your loved one in purple this Valentine's Day. They will love the sweets and beauty treats! Includes: Hawaiian Orchid Lotion Hawaiian Orchid Bubble Bath Hawaiian Orchid Fragrance Spray Foot Brush Puff Pedicure File Loofah 1 Bag of Dark Chocolate Truffles
SRP  $84.99
Purple dendrobium orchids with white roses and ivy adorned with clear rhinestones are put together to create this fresh and exotic boutonniere. Perfect for the lapel on a suit or tux for a wedding, prom or homecoming. Approximately 3 1/2"" W x 4 3/4"" H Includes: Purple Orchids White Spray Roses…
SRP  $17.99
…of blooms, artistically arranged in a tall vase for maximum impact. The tropical, feminine bouquet is especially perfect in a modern home, or as impressive office dcor. Details: • Purple Hydrangea • Green Cymbidium OrchidPurple Orchids • Green Spray Mums • Purple Roses
SRP  $202.99
…to mark this very special day! Pink roses, pink orchids, white lilies, purple hydrangea, fatsia, and blades of lily grass and ivy are expertly arranged in an 8" Bubble Bowl. Measures approximately 14"H x 16"W x 16"D. Includes: Pink Roses Pink Orchids White Lilies Purple Hydrangea Unique Bubble Bowl
SRP  $89.99
…Dark Chocolate Truffles. Delivered straight to her doors and will pamper her and make her relaxed and smiling for days. Includes: Hawaiian Orchid Body Lotion Hawaiian Orchid Body Scrub Hawaiian Orchid Body Mist Sisal Mitt Foot Scrubber Purple Puff Godiva Dark Chocolate Truffles Plastic Paint Can
SRP  $52.99
…Made of pink spray roses, orchid hyacinths, purple liatris and more, all arranged in a basil colored container. Hand arranged by a florist, this bouquet is a beautiful gift. Arrangement measures approximately 24"H x 31"W x 15"D.Includes: Pink Spray Roses Orchid Hyacinths White Daisy Poms
SRP  $74.99
Fresh floral body jewelry is all the rave! This stunning presentation of deep purple orchids with wired pearl strands and metallic leaf accents looks stunning with strapless dresses. Measures 12"H x 4"W x 2"D. Includes: Purple Orchid Pearl Strands Metallic Leaf Accents Hand Arranged Corsage
SRP  $39.99
…be perfect to send to a loved one for any occasion! The bicolor roses and pink orchids pair beautifully with the purple hydrangea and lush greens. Approximate arrangement Height 19", Length 20" Includes: Fuchsia Mokara Orchids Bi-Color Lavender Roses Green Hypericum Leucadendron Purple Hydrangea
SRP  $174.99
…beautiful touch to your ceremony with a stunning altar arrangement of lavender tulips, roses, delphinium, orchids, eryngium, flax, ruscus, and pittosporum surrounding your unity candles. Measures 40"H x 38"W x 24"D. Includes: Lavender Tulips Purple Roses Delphinium Orchids Alter Bouquet with Candles
SRP  $284.99
…beautiful dahlias, orchids, gladiolus, ti leaves and galax arranged in a cooper tin planter (urn not included). This purple orchid memorial bouquet is beautiful to display an urn or to place at the front of a funeral service. Measures 38"H x 29"W x 13"D. Includes: Purple Dahilias Orchids Gladiolus…
SRP  $119.99
A stunning combination of lavender roses, carnations, orchids, tulips, eryngium, salal and loops of flax leaves are hand arranged in this bridal bouquet. Measures 14"H x 12"W x 11"D.Includes: Purple Roses Carnations Lavender Orchids Tulips Florist Arranged, Same Day Delivery
SRP  $149.99
…the reception dcor your guests will always remember with this breathtaking centerpiece of lavender tulips, orchids, roses, delphinium, eryngium, and flax accented with white taper candles. Measures 16"H x 28"W x 25"H Includes: Purple Tulips Orchids Purple Roses Delphinium White Tapered Candles
SRP  $224.99

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